Ebony D'arkness Dementia Raven Way
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Other names:Ebony D'arkness Dementia Tara Way

Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way (aka Enoby) is the protagonist of Tara's so-called fanfiction story, My Immortal. She is what Tara would call a "goff" with magical powers like the characters in the Harry Potter series. She is also a vampire with cutting problems and frequent thoughts of suicide. Due to both deductive reasoning and the recurring issue of being called "Tara" in the story instead of her given name, most people believe she is a self-insert character, or a fanfiction character the author had designed with traits they wish they had and put them in the desired fictional world in order to do the things they wish they could do. This is a common problem amongst Mary Sues, though the proof is usually a lot more subtle.

Physical AppearenceEdit

She is the size of an acorn. Ebony is described as having long ebony black hair (apparently the reason for her name) with purple and red highlights. She also has "icy blue eyes like limpid tears", pale skin, and perfect teeth despite being a vampire. Tara goes into great lengths describing her daily outfits from Hot Topic, which consist of fishnet tights, thigh-high boots, corsets, and "ripped" shirts with the names of her favorite bands, and the makeup she wears, like black lipstick and pale foundation. Ebony's clothes sound like they come straight out of some strange goffik strip club, but in Chapter 10 she claims not to be a slut. All the people of the male species at hogwarts (including the teachers) think she is immensely beautiful and want to go out with her. The story contains many poorly described sex scenes and instances of male teachers "masticating" to videotapes of her they have taken through her window.

"Its so unfair!" I yielded. "Why cant I just be plain or ugly like all da other girls and preps here except for B'loody Mary, because she's not ugly or anything." (Chapter 14)

Note: "B'loody Mary" is Tara's goffikally altered version of Hermione, just one example of a character she has changed beyond recognition.

Personality TendenciesEdit

Despite Ebony's "beauty", she seems to be quite the disagreeable type. She has a habit of flipping people off and cursing at them. Tara describes Ebony as one of the smartest students at Hogwarts in all advanced classes, though any reader can see that she has no common sense or street smarts whatsoever. Ebony thinks that "sensitive bi guys are hot", like Draco and Harry. She has a profound obsession for many musicians in her favorite bands, and wishes she was related to Gerard Way because "he is a major fucking hottie". This statement leads to the suspicion that Ebony is a fan of incest. She hates "preps n posers", though many instances prove her to be both. Ebony is a textbook example of a Mary Sue, or a perfect character with extraordinary beauty and no flaws.